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Social and Recreational Programs

For many people the NDIS provides access to Social and Recreational Supports. This is often a well funded area and provides a good opportunity for participants to access their community and enjoy their lives.

Here is how CCPC can help you do just that.

1:1 Support

This is really only limited by your imagination. If it’s social and or recreational, we will try and help you achieve it. Many participants comment on the friendly nature of our support staff – that’s because we go to great lengths to ensure our staff are the best available. If they don’t look after our participants, we find other staff that do!!

Group Activities

This is a great way to stretch your NDIS package further, as group activities are cheaper than 1:1.

  • Movies
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Fishing in Brisbane Waters. No experience necessary. If you don’t have any gear, we provide handlines
  • Social Lunches – we rotate locations for this. Sometimes Clubs (which are self-funded) and sometimes we do a BBQ at a park
  • Music/Performing Arts
  • Art Program

This list is changing all the time – so call to find out the latest information.

We plan our year out in terms of 10 weeks each. So all our activities are booked in 10 week blocks. We then add special one-off events in the holidays, such as a full day trip to Sydney or overnight trips away. We can’t provide personal care in group activities, but we can in 1:1 support. We also have a Carers Policy (available on our website) that encourages Carer Participation in activities – so if you want to bring a support person, you can.

For DETAILS and BOOKINGS call Amanda on 4302 5213 or 0413 321 290