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This program is due to commence in February 2020

Health on The Streets (HoTS) draws on our years of experience and expertise in homeless outreach and will provide a mobile service that combines outreach workers with trained health professionals, to provide the homeless and those sleeping rough, with primary care and mental health services, and homeless outreach services.

Funded by the Commonwealth Dept of Health, the three year grant is part of the Community Health and Hospitals Program: Mental Health and a pilot for future initiatives across the state. HoTS will provide medical assessments, treatments and interventions to the homeless and rough sleepers on the NSW Central Coast.  It includes a clinical workforce that will provide comprehensive assessment, care coordination and clinical intervention for homeless persons in the community.

HoTS will identify, support, build rapport, provide medical and psychological assessments, and interventions to people experiencing homelessness. The HoTS team, through the development of relationships with the individual, will refer the person to primary care and mainstream services to better address their holistic health, community, and housing needs.

We believe that a whole of community approach encompassing local community involvement and business support will be integral to making this pilot program a success. We are confident that the program will achieve key outcomes of improved health and wellbeing, increased community and care connections, reduced homelessness and a reduction of stigma surrounding mental health and homelessness.

The primary focus of the HoTS program is to provide basic clinical care, health assessments and outreach services to people experiencing homelessness.

Our van will be staffed with a homeless outreach worker who will link people in with other services to support their specific needs. We’re looking to enhance relationships with organisations to help integrate the program into the community.

For more information please contact:

Contact: HoTS Team

Tel: 02 4365 2294   Fax: 02 4365 3836

Email: hots@ccpc.com.au