Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP)

Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP)2018-09-10T01:58:17+00:00

This service provides longer term psychological treatment for people with chronic or complex mental health problems which may include drug or alcohol abuse. Services are provided by a mental health nurse and include;

  • care coordination
  • counselling
  • referral to a community service
  • support with medication
  • health monitoring


Referrals can be made by a GP or Psychiatrist with an accompanying Mental Health Treatment Plan. A person can access the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program for up to 18 months and services are delivered by Credentialed Mental Health Nurses.

How to Refer

Please contact the Mental Health Project Officer, Jemma Bullock on 4302 5239 for further information

Need more information?

Jemma Bullock
 Project Officer
Ph: 02 4302 5239