Family Wellbeing


Originally developed by Aboriginal Elders in South Australia and attended by over 3,000 Aboriginal youth since it began, the Family Wellbeing program is a personal development and leadership program. Central Coast Primary Care iteration of the program, the first of its kind in NSW, primarily targets Aboriginal males between 14 and 26 years old who live on the Central Coast. The Family Wellbeing program aims to build communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and other life skills to enable participants to take greater control and responsibility for family, work and community life. It provides a strong framework for participants to become a confident, strong and respected leaders in their communities. Funding for the Family Wellbeing program is provided by the Department of Health under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component of the Supporting communities to reduce the risk of suicide measure of the Mental Health: Taking Action to Tackle Suicide package.

Talk to us about the range of services that  Central Coast Primary Care can provide NDIS participants inclusive of ‘Support Coordination’  which can help with putting all aspects of your NDIS plan in place.


For more information please contact:

Nigel Millgate
Aboriginal Family Wellbeing Coordinator
Ph: 4365 2294

Ben Glover
Aboriginal Family Wellbeing Project Officer
Ph: 4365 2294

Family wellbeing

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