Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)


COAST NUTRITION provides a Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) nutrition service targeting people aged 65 years and over (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people):

  • who are malnourished or are at risk of malnutrition AND
  • who are housebound or have difficulty attending an appointment

The nutrition service is provided by Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD).
Through individual nutrition intervention, the aim of the service is to maintain independence, improve quality of life and help prevent premature entry or inappropriate admission to residential care.


To be eligible for referral to COAST NUTRITION clients must;

  • Live within the Gosford or Wyong Local Government
  • Have been referred through ‘My Aged Care’ and have met the eligibility criteria for the CHSP
  • Have a decreased ability to perform basic daily living tasks without some extra help.


Eligible individuals who have any of the following problems are at increased risk of becoming malnourished and may benefit from a referral to the dietitian:

  • have lost weight without wanting to in the last 6 months (have loose clothing, rings or dentures);
  • have wounds or pressure sores that won’t heal;
  • have a poor appetite and / or have been eating poorly for more than 2 weeks;
  • are obviously frail or underweight;
  • have teeth, mouth or swallowing problems that make it difficult to eat;
  • have trouble shopping, preparing food, cooking and / or feeding themselves.

COAST NUTRITION is not an acute service and is not appropriate for individuals needing urgent attention however referrals will be prioritised based on nutritional need. These may include:

  • severe unintentional weight loss (> 10% loss in less than 3 months e.g. 50kg lady loses 6kg = 12% loss)
  • significantly reduced food intake making client at increased risk of poor (e.g. Less than 50% of usual intake)
  • a wound/pressure sore, which is not healing due to poor oral intake


  • To make a referral to Coast Nutrition through ‘My Aged Care’ by calling Ph: 1800 200 422 or completing an online referral form see
  • Please note the client must be aware of and agree to the referral.
  • For further information in regard to making a referral for a frail older person (65 years and over, or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People) through ‘My Aged Care’, please phone the My Aged Care Contact Centre on 1800 200
  • Once referrals have been assessed for eligibility by ‘My Aged Care’ they will be sent through to the Coast Nutrition service.
  • Whilst the ‘My Aged Care’ process is still new, please assist us in ensuring referrals sent to ‘My Aged Care’ are promptly processed by sending an email notification to us at

    • client’s name and date of birth
    • reason for referral
    • date referral was submitted.
  • For any other queries about the Coast Nutrition service at Central Coast Primary Care, please call Ph: 4365 2294 to speak with a staff member.

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