Mental Health Services for Residential Aged Care Facilities

Mental Health Services for Residential Aged Care Facilities2018-07-27T04:46:57+00:00

Helping with the emotional transition into a facility, as well as with feelings of sadness, worry and distress. Central Coast Primary Care Psychologists, Social Workers and Credentialed Mental Health Nurses can visit Residential Aged Care Facilities and provide assessment, individual therapy, or group work to residents with mild to moderate mental health issues.

Common presenting issues that residents can be referred for include:

Anxiety management;

Grief and loss;

Depression; or

Adjustment problems, such as difficulty coping with a health condition, sensory loss, functional decline or transitioning into living in aged care.

This service is free of charge for residents and facilities. Sessions are typically 50 – 60 minutes in length and the number of sessions provided are based on ability of the resident to benefit from psychological intervention.

Feedback and recommendations from the sessions are provided in a letter to the Residents GP. Verbal information can be provided to aged care staff with the permission of the resident.

How to Refer?

GP or Registered Nurses can refer residents by sending a completed referral form to CCPC via our confidential fax number (02) 4365 6273

For further information about this service and resident eligibility, please contact Jemma Bullock on (02) 4365 2294 or email